Saturday, June 21, 2014

Six steps to start your Healthy Hair Journey

Here are six basic steps to start a healthy hair journey. 
1. Get a professional consultation to determine if your hair is damaged. If so, rectify the problem by going through a treatment. I.e. Trimmed ends, protein treatment etc. (Professional consultations are usually free).
2. Invest in products I.e. Shampoo (sulfate free), conditioner, moisturizers, oils etc.
3. Build a simple hair care regimen that's specific to your need. Wash weekly. If you're lacking moisture it may be necessary to do a deep conditioning treatment once a week, moisturize and seal your ends nightly etc. Maintain healthy ends by getting your ends trimmed/dusted when needed). Usually once your hair is on the road of recovery those things you wouldn't need to do as often. Your hair will let you know :-).
4. Low manipulating hairstyles.Tips: Rollersets, buns, cornrows etc.
5. Eat healthy! Eat lots of veggies, fruits,  and nuts. It's ok to use a hair vitamin supplement to give you a boost, but it is not necessary. 
6. Have patience. Healthy hair doesn't happen over night. You will have to be consistent and patient. 
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